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The Chef

Vivi's passion for cooking began long before the current popularity of "cuisine" and "celebrity chefs".

Perhaps the greatest challenge in her long and varied career was opening a restaurant in China. It was in 2004, when the city of Peking was beginning to ready itself for the Olympics.

Vivi had spent the preceding 6 years in England, split between London and Bristol, preparing herself for this enterprise. She studied "Catering & Hospitality" at City of Bristol College and worked as a sous-chef in the fashionable "Bocanova" restaurant.

Her "Alameda" restaurant in Peking was a great success. For three years running it was honoured by That's Beijing magazine, receiving awards for: Best Restaurant, Best Chef and Best Service, among others.

Which brings us to 2010. After 10 years living abroad, Vivi returned to Brazil, where she seized the opportunity to work for a while in the prestigious "Maní" and "D.O.M" restaurants in the city of São Paulo.

Now with her new restaurant "ChefVivi" in Vila Madalena, considered to be one of the most charming neighbourhoods of the city, Vivi faces a new challenge: the inventive and much praised cuisine of São Paulo.

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O Restaurante

Small, but full of charm. The architecture and modern design combine to create a casual, welcoming atmosphere.

Vivi changes the menu daily. This is a chef who not only believes in sourcing the freshest food, she believes in keeping her kitchen fresh by stopping it falling into a routine. This is particularly important in a city like São Paulo, where our moods and desires change so much every day.

The city has inspired her to give her creations a more cosmopolitan air; combining her contemporary style with something of the many flavours existing around the world.

Our Awards

Veja Comer & Beber 2012

Prêmio de Chef Revelação

Veja Comer & Beber 2013

Prêmio de Melhor restaurante variado

Veja Comer & Beber 2014

Prêmio de Melhor restaurante variado

Prêmio Guia Quatro Rodas Brasil 2015

Entre os 50 melhores restaurantes do País


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